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Sound plays a major role in my work, as atmosphere, resonance, courier or psychological trigger. The compositions below are lifted from various projects over the years, a mixed bag of commissions, collaborations, installation and soundtracks.These are all gallery pieces. When compiling this list I noticed a lot of insect and animal sounds. I think this habit began when trying to communicate with other species in some early works. But then most of my work is about trying to communicate or understand things just on the periphery of knowing.

The sky was for all.

Strings, Brass, Electro, Orchestral percussion and field recordings.
Composition for performance by Celina Muldoon, 2021.

Lazarus Sisyphus.

A compilation dedicated to BroodX Cicadas :Field recordings, found sounds, Foley,  synthesized sounds.
Every 17 years, Brood X cicada nymphs tunnel upwards en masse to emerge from the surface of the ground. The insects then shed their exoskeletons on trees and other surfaces, thus becoming adults.
Released on French Label Camembert √Člectrique, 2021. A Slavek Kwi project.


Graphite pencil, piano, stones, bell and synthesized sounds.
Minimalist composition for performance by Xiaowei Chen / Dalila Belaza, Studio 49B', Bushwick, New York. 2014.

Timeloss recognition (extract)

Composed from the sounds made by animals when they are missing their companions.
Intimacies, Context Gallery, Derry. 5.1 surround sound for darkened cinema. 2008.



Composite mix of human attempts to commune with the spirit world.
Electronic voice phenomenon, speaking in tongues, throat singing, reversed embedded messages, tribal song, keening, chanting and forms of prayer. Composition for the exhibition, 'Turn me on Dead man', Basement Gallery, Dundalk, 2006.


Requiem for a Fly

Composed for the exhibition, Requiem for a Fly, 2003. Collaboration with Slavek Kwi.
Made entirely from the sounds of flies. First exhibited with mausoleum and resonant mourning chairs at Poisonhats, Project Arts centre, 2001.



Collaborative composition, for performance by Sandra Johnston
long hair being brushed, intimate humming and Sandra moving inside of a piano. Arthouse, Temple Bar, 1999.